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Happy Place

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 28, 2012

It was definitely a 2 cup of coffee kind of morning. I was so warm and cozy in my bed and only the smell of coffee was going to pull me out of it. Instant human, just add coffee =)

After waking I began planning for my long run that I had on the agenda this morning. Thankfully the weather was on my side so I planned to head outside. After my usually apple, cottage cheese, cereal bowl I bundled up and headed out for 7 miles. Since I had run 2 days in a row already I was a little nervous as to how this run would go. Normally I wouldn’t be doing a long run today and I am sure experts would tell me no as well but I knew that I had 3 days of work in a row after today to rest my legs.

People may ask, why can’t you run on a day when you have work? At my hospital we do 12-hour shifts that last from 7am to 7:30PM. This mean I have to get up at 5am and I don’t get home till about 8pm (on a good day). I don’t know about anyone else but I just can’t get up any earlier to go for a run and usually after a 12 hour shift my legs feel like lead if I try to run on them. Believe me, I have tried.

4 pic 12.28

My plan for the run was to go steady, slow, and stay loose. During the run I even repeated that to myself a few times in my head and you know what? It worked! For the most part I felt great but there were a few times my legs started to get tired but nothing that I was concerned about. I am still on a runner’s high this afternoon and so proud of myself!

3 pic 12.28

After my run I began to think about something to eat and I wanted it to be quick and easy. A smoothie it was! Some may call me crazy for drinking a cold smoothie after a 7 mile run in 30 degree weather but after longer runs I need something that will be easy on my stomach since I am not usually that hungry. Plus I wanted a good amount of protein and my smoothies always deliver there.

2 pic 12.28

I kept it simple with powders for the bulk of my smoothie but I also added a banana to add some substance and thickness to the smoothie. After food and shower I headed to my neighborhood Publix to stock up on grocery’s before my 3 in row at work. After I got back I felt a little hungry but not really wanting a big snack so I grabbed some string cheese.

5 pic 12.28

Even at my almost 30 years of age I still love string cheese. I also still eat Cheerios and pudding cups. Sometimes if you look in my refrigerator I swear you would think a 5-year-old lives here. After my quick snack and unpacking groceries I headed to a special place to enjoy a routine monthly treat I allow myself.

SpaSydell 2

Ahhhh, my happy place. Well, one of them at least. Every month I head here for facial and eyebrow waxing. This spa was the first one I went to when I first moved to Atlanta almost 6  years ago and I feel in love with it. Not only have I only gone here but I only use Gina at the Park Place location. BEST EVER! If you live in Atlanta, head to her for any facial or waxing. When I am leaving there I have to sit in my car for about 10 minutes till I wake up because I am so relaxed and I’m afraid to immediately drive.

What’s everyone else up to this Friday?


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Limbo Morning

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 27, 2012

Morning Everyone!
I was supposed to head into the hospital this morning for a 12 hour shift but when my alarm went off at 5:00am, there was a missed call from the hospital telling me to stay home because the census was low. Normally how this works is I then call them back at 9:00am to find out if I need to go in at 11:00am. I was SHOCKED that I got cancelled. This is normally a very busy week for us because everyone is trying to have their baby before the end of the year so they can get the tax break. Crazy I know! I am all for the old fashion way of waiting until baby comes on their own.

run 3 12.27

A little before I had to call the hospital I went ahead and got ready for a run in case they didn’t need me to come in. Luck was on my side and they still didn’t need me at 11:00am so I headed out for an easy run.

run 4 12.27

Right before I left,  Lexie was giving me this look that said, “I am going with you whether you like it or not.” Bless her heart she was so excited to go after missing out on the last 2 runs because of whether. We covered almost 5 miles in the neighborhood before heading in.

run 2 12.27


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Stormy Night and Day

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 26, 2012

Well we had an interesting night……..

From the random fireworks that a neighbor decided to set off to the horrible storm that moved through Atlanta last night, Lexie was not a happy camper. I remember at one point waking up and her butt was literally by my head. It’s never dull with her. After the sounds from last night I prepared to be greeted this morning with lots of debris fallen on the ground during our walk but there was little. Just wet, saturated everywhere. I had to wipe the mud off of Lexie’s paws before I let her back into the house.

Breakfast consisted of this new find


I normally just get the regular kind but this time I was curious to see what the wheat and gluten-free tasted like. All in all not to different and I would try them again but more than likely not because of the price increase. Sorry, girl on a budget! I topped them with some warmed chopped apples, cinnamon, and syrup. Oh and sorry for no picture, about 3/4 of the way into my breakfast I realized that I forgot to take one. I keep forgetting that I started this blog. Oh well, next time then.

Yesterday I was so looking forward to a run outside with lexie but when I awoke and heard of 20 and possibly 30 mph winds with light rain I made an executive decision to stay inside and head to the gym. Thank goodness for the new iPad and being able to read the latest edition of Shape Magazine. I ended up doing 5.8 miles with some speedwork added in. A few weeks ago I recently started adding the 1% incline while on the treadmill and I could almost immediately tell a difference in how my shins felt after a treadmill run.


During my workout I suddenly had a craving for spicy hot eggs (probably just my body telling me I needed salt). Headed home and quickly whipped this brunch up and devoured it in about 5 miles. I ended up not toasting my bread and made an egg sandwich creation once I began eating. Delicious and it hit the spot.

Lexie and I braved the weather for some errand at lunch time. On the agenda was an emissions test which is always a reminder that I have a birthday coming up. Still cannot believe I am going to be 29 in a few weeks! We headed to the bank and grocery store before heading home and I immediately threw a load of laundry in to the washing machine. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they are always doing laundry?

snack 5

Snacked on these items throughout the afternoon while I did busy work around the house. Now I am off to find something to make for dinner while continuing on my mission of finding a clinical site for my senior practicuum next semester. Hope everyone is having safe travels home today!

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NY Times article review: Small Steps=Big Changes in Obesity

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 26, 2012

Opinionator: Stop Subsidizing Obesity
B: Mark Bittman

I came across this article today and I wanted to share it with you all, review it, talk about, etc etc.

As well all know childhood obesity is a huge problem and epidemic in our country. I myself know all to well about the disadvantages and harm of being an overweight child and eventually obese teenager can do to you. According to the article, Type 2 Diabetes which was once called “adult-onset” and was unheard of 20 years ago in children is now taking up a quarter of all new diabetes cases. Around 17% of children are currently obese, not overweight, but obese which is considered to be a BMI of >30. Food-insecure is defined as having inconsistent access to food is at 16% for children.

Those statistics alone are proof enough that our country has a problem but as quoted by the author Mr. Bittman, “Seven times as many poor children are obese as those who are underweight, an indication  that government aid in the form of food stamps, now officially called SNAP, does a good job of addressing hunger but encourages the consumption of unhealthy calories.” Exactly and I couldn’t agree more Mr. Bittman. As many as there on food stamps in this country, especially in the last 5 years with economic changes, I believe our country has the possibility of seeing a dramatic change if we can change some of the SNAP regulations to focus not just on the quantity of food but also the quality.

Another major point addressed in the article is the double cost that taxpayers are seeing. Pediatrician and director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center in Boston David Ludwig states, “It’s shocking, “how little we consider food quality in the management of chronic diseases. And in the case of SNAP that failure costs taxpayers twice: We pay once when low-income families buy junk foods and sugary beverages with SNAP benefits, and we pay a second time when poor diet quality inevitably increases the costs of health care in general, and Medicaid and Medicare in particular.”

I believe that just as  alcohol and tobacco are ineligible to be used by food stamps so should high sugary sodas and juices as well as other grocery store items pretending to be food. Every year billions of snap dollars are spent on soda, a non-nutritious substances that does the body no benefit. As the authors discusses, there were those against using food stamps for soda when they were first created but the more pressing issue at hand was caloric deficiency.

“It’s time,” says Ludwig, “for us to realize that the goals of anti-hunger and obesity prevention are not at cross purposes. In fact poor quality foods can actually increase hunger because they are inherently less filling.” As with children and adults one will become hungrier, sooner, after consuming 200 calories from a sugary beverage, compared to an apple & peanut butter with the same calories. One way to help make these changes occur as discussed by Bittman would be to make it easier to by real food. Some cities, like NYC, have created programs that double the value of food stamps when used for purchases at farmers markets. Another huge step would be to increase the spending power of food stamps when used to buy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in any grocery store, not just farmers markets.

Over 50 million participants are currently using SNAP and with a few small but profound changes we have the ability to see a dramatic change and improvement in the American diet.

Article Link:





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Christmas Came Early

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 24, 2012

Started out this Christmas Eve with a productive morning thanks to a horrible night sleep. I was wide awake at 5:00am so I decided to get up and finish some laundry. I might as well be productive, right?

When I finally got around to taking Lexie out it was raining, not pouring, but still raining enough that it caused her to give me this look that said “I am NOT going out there mom.” I was finally able to get her outside and the rain was actually not that bad. Slower mornings like these are something I am trying to savor while on Christmas break from graduate school. Before I know it I will back to up at 5:00am at least 4 days a week. Yeah for me =(

It’s only one more semester, it’s only one more semester, it’s only one more semester

I had an easy 5 miler planned this morning and I was going to take Lexie with me as well. The rain put a little glitz in those plans so I headed off to the gym for some time on the dreadmill. Thank goodness for TV monitors and the latest Runner’s World magazine. I would definitely call this a dreadmill day because my legs felt like lead and I could not wait to get off that thing! After a little over 5 miles I headed to do some ab movements before heading home.


With the dreary rain around I was craving warm and comfort when I got home so oatmeal it was. Don’t judge a book by its cover because that bowl of ugly is actually a bowl of deliciousness! My typical bowl of oats includes:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • Flax seed meal
  • Cottage cheese
  • Banana
  • Cinnamon

Because Nate and I are both work on Christmas, we decided to have are own small Christmas and exchange gifts today. Nathan is really into entertaining, cooking, and have people over so I decided to get him something he has mentioned several times.

Boil pot

I got Nate a Stainless Steel Spigot 32 quart pot so he can make jambalaya, gumbo, or a seafood boil like shrimp or crawfish. Cannot wait for him to try it out! Next up was my gift which took me completely by surprise and totally blew me out of the water. Nate got me a………….

ipadCrazy, Crazy, just Crazy! I started crying after I opened it. Its been a few hours since we exchanged our gifts and I still cannot believe it. During our mini Christmas I snacked on some cherries, Cliff Mojo Dipped bar, and an apple. I also packaged up the 2 batches of brownies I made yesterday so Nate could take them to work tonight. Hope they bring some Christmas cheer to him and his night shift co-workers. Now I am off to play with my new toy =)

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Christmas Spirit

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 23, 2012

Happy Sunday everyone! I slept amazingly last night. Of course, I would hope that I did since my bedtime the night before was 2:30am. Whoops!

Lexie is a notoriously fast eater. I will put her food down in some tupperware and by the time I turn around back to her, she has already whoofed it food down. The other day Nate (Nathan) bought a new bowl that is designed to slow down a dogs eating session.

Lexie food

Above is from the first attempt this morning. At first she was a little unsure of the bowl since it’s made of metal. Because of course, all metal bowls are super dangerous, scary, and out to get you…….Like I said, she is a special kind of dog. She eventually started eating her food and while it did slow her down there wasn’t a huge dramatic change. Even so, I have decided to keep using it.

After breakfast I headed to the gym for some much needed cross-training time. I did 60 minutes of moderate effort on the elliptical while skimming a Redbook magazine my mom gave me. Once I finished there I headed downstairs to do some resistance training. After the gym I was craving something cold so I whipped up a protein smoothie.

smoothies 2

As with most of my smoothies, it contained the usual suspects. I have tried many different protein powders and I always keep coming back to Jay Robb. Since this is usually the time of year I get sick, I have been rotating the Amazing Grass powder into my diet more in hopes for some immune boosting. So far so good!

After lunch and shower I proceeding to begin my biggest task of the day, Operation Shredding. I am very guilty of keeping receipts and past bill notices for was too long. I have a box I throw them into but eventually the pile gets too high and I am forced to shred it all. I really didn’t think there were that many papers but after I got THREE garbage bags full of shredded paper I realized that maybe I should do this more often than not…….

Nate and I are not going home for Christmas this year (tears shedding) because we both have to work at our respective hospitals. I decided to have quick baking session this afternoon to put myself into the Christmas spirits. I gathered all my ingredients and put Pandora’s Christmas station on and got to work.

Yes they are from a box

Yes they are from a box

I decided to make 2 different batches of brownies for a taste test. The contenders shown above are 2 of my favorite dessert flavors. Give me either of them and I am yours forever =) Obviously they were very simple to make and in about 60 minutes I had 2 batches of brownies for Nate and I to take to work on Christmas.

Fresh and Hot

Fresh and Hot

Above is the first batch I made, the peanut butter, which I have a feeling is going to be my favorite. Once the second batch, the health bar, is cooled I am going to dig into these babies. Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday with family and safe travels!

Merry Christmas Everyone!




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Special Delivery

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 18, 2012

This afternoon I took a break from working on graduate school related stuff and headed over to Bear Maker Bakery, a locally owned and run bakery that specializes in homestyle creations. They supply to local coffeehouses and business while also making orders for individuals like myself.

Photo courtesy of Bear Maker Bakery website

Photo courtesy of Bear Maker Bakery website

I headed over to their bakery facility located in the Midtown area and had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Brandon Tidwell, and picked up 2 dozen cookies that included a mixture of their favorite flavors.

Photo courtesy of Bear Maker Bakery

Photo courtesy of Bear Maker Bakery

This above picture is one of the many different cookie platters you can order from the bakery. I immediately headed over to Nathan’s hospital with WARM and AMAZINGLY SMELLING cookies. I visited with Nathan for a bit and before I left, all the cookies were gone! I will definitely use Bear Maker Bakery again for their delicious cookies or possibly order one of their many other sweet creations.

Check out their website


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Mission: Find Clinical Site

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 18, 2012

My 12 hour shift at the hospital flew by yesterday but I was definitely glad to be home last night. Nathan was in the middle of a 24 hour shift at the flight base last night so it was just me and Lexie lounging last night. I am currently in the middle of researching and trying to find a clinical site for my spring semester (LAST SEMESTER) of graduate school. Throughout school this has been a difficult process because there are so many other programs competing for clinical sites or places just do not want to take a student. Hopefully I can find one before the semester starts.

I was able to get a solid 7 hours of sleep last night and woke up to make a favorite breakfast creation.

cereal pic

Normally in the fall of crave oatmeal but for the past few months this has been a staple breakfast meal. It seems to work well for me, especially before a run, and when it comes to food and running I like to stick with what works for me.

  • Chopped apple
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cinnamon (Tons!)
  • Cheerios (this varies depending on what I have in the house)
cereal pic2

Sorry for the horrible picture quality. I’m still learning…….

Lexie and I are off for a morning run then it’s back to the Mission: Find Clinical Site. Have a great day everyone!

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Meet and Greet 1

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 16, 2012

As the blog progresses on and hopefully grows I plan to publish a few posts about some of the important people and animals in my life. First up Lexie!

Alexis Jane aka Lexie, came into my life about 15 months ago and it’s never been the same since. Lexie was originally a foster dog who belonged to my co-worker Anna but after she and her husband had a baby they could no longer give Lexie the time and energy that she needed. So after much discussion we decided that it would better for her to come live with me. I cannot believe I ever questioned taking her in.

Lexie’s birthdate is unknown but we have estimations that she is about 6 years old and is a mix of Chow, Basenji, and a little bit of CRAZY!

Lexie Quick Facts

  • Even though she weighs almost 50lbs she loves to pretend she is a lap dog
  • Her favorite food is peanut butter
  • I swear she can read time because she never lets me sleep past 8am
  • Hates: Umbrella’s, garbage bags, washer/dryer machines
  • Loves: chasing squirrels, running with mom, getting her butt scratched

As soon as I can figure out how to upload a video I will show you all some crazy cute antics of her.




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