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Stormy Night and Day

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 26, 2012

Well we had an interesting night……..

From the random fireworks that a neighbor decided to set off to the horrible storm that moved through Atlanta last night, Lexie was not a happy camper. I remember at one point waking up and her butt was literally by my head. It’s never dull with her. After the sounds from last night I prepared to be greeted this morning with lots of debris fallen on the ground during our walk but there was little. Just wet, saturated everywhere. I had to wipe the mud off of Lexie’s paws before I let her back into the house.

Breakfast consisted of this new find


I normally just get the regular kind but this time I was curious to see what the wheat and gluten-free tasted like. All in all not to different and I would try them again but more than likely not because of the price increase. Sorry, girl on a budget! I topped them with some warmed chopped apples, cinnamon, and syrup. Oh and sorry for no picture, about 3/4 of the way into my breakfast I realized that I forgot to take one. I keep forgetting that I started this blog. Oh well, next time then.

Yesterday I was so looking forward to a run outside with lexie but when I awoke and heard of 20 and possibly 30 mph winds with light rain I made an executive decision to stay inside and head to the gym. Thank goodness for the new iPad and being able to read the latest edition of Shape Magazine. I ended up doing 5.8 miles with some speedwork added in. A few weeks ago I recently started adding the 1% incline while on the treadmill and I could almost immediately tell a difference in how my shins felt after a treadmill run.


During my workout I suddenly had a craving for spicy hot eggs (probably just my body telling me I needed salt). Headed home and quickly whipped this brunch up and devoured it in about 5 miles. I ended up not toasting my bread and made an egg sandwich creation once I began eating. Delicious and it hit the spot.

Lexie and I braved the weather for some errand at lunch time. On the agenda was an emissions test which is always a reminder that I have a birthday coming up. Still cannot believe I am going to be 29 in a few weeks! We headed to the bank and grocery store before heading home and I immediately threw a load of laundry in to the washing machine. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they are always doing laundry?

snack 5

Snacked on these items throughout the afternoon while I did busy work around the house. Now I am off to find something to make for dinner while continuing on my mission of finding a clinical site for my senior practicuum next semester. Hope everyone is having safe travels home today!


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