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Happy Place

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 28, 2012

It was definitely a 2 cup of coffee kind of morning. I was so warm and cozy in my bed and only the smell of coffee was going to pull me out of it. Instant human, just add coffee =)

After waking I began planning for my long run that I had on the agenda this morning. Thankfully the weather was on my side so I planned to head outside. After my usually apple, cottage cheese, cereal bowl I bundled up and headed out for 7 miles. Since I had run 2 days in a row already I was a little nervous as to how this run would go. Normally I wouldn’t be doing a long run today and I am sure experts would tell me no as well but I knew that I had 3 days of work in a row after today to rest my legs.

People may ask, why can’t you run on a day when you have work? At my hospital we do 12-hour shifts that last from 7am to 7:30PM. This mean I have to get up at 5am and I don’t get home till about 8pm (on a good day). I don’t know about anyone else but I just can’t get up any earlier to go for a run and usually after a 12 hour shift my legs feel like lead if I try to run on them. Believe me, I have tried.

4 pic 12.28

My plan for the run was to go steady, slow, and stay loose. During the run I even repeated that to myself a few times in my head and you know what? It worked! For the most part I felt great but there were a few times my legs started to get tired but nothing that I was concerned about. I am still on a runner’s high this afternoon and so proud of myself!

3 pic 12.28

After my run I began to think about something to eat and I wanted it to be quick and easy. A smoothie it was! Some may call me crazy for drinking a cold smoothie after a 7 mile run in 30 degree weather but after longer runs I need something that will be easy on my stomach since I am not usually that hungry. Plus I wanted a good amount of protein and my smoothies always deliver there.

2 pic 12.28

I kept it simple with powders for the bulk of my smoothie but I also added a banana to add some substance and thickness to the smoothie. After food and shower I headed to my neighborhood Publix to stock up on grocery’s before my 3 in row at work. After I got back I felt a little hungry but not really wanting a big snack so I grabbed some string cheese.

5 pic 12.28

Even at my almost 30 years of age I still love string cheese. I also still eat Cheerios and pudding cups. Sometimes if you look in my refrigerator I swear you would think a 5-year-old lives here. After my quick snack and unpacking groceries I headed to a special place to enjoy a routine monthly treat I allow myself.

SpaSydell 2

Ahhhh, my happy place. Well, one of them at least. Every month I head here for facial and eyebrow waxing. This spa was the first one I went to when I first moved to Atlanta almost 6  years ago and I feel in love with it. Not only have I only gone here but I only use Gina at the Park Place location. BEST EVER! If you live in Atlanta, head to her for any facial or waxing. When I am leaving there I have to sit in my car for about 10 minutes till I wake up because I am so relaxed and I’m afraid to immediately drive.

What’s everyone else up to this Friday?


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