Setting The Example

Setting the example of a balanced and healthy lifestyle


Posted by fsumeg1884 on June 18, 2013

For everyone new who has visited this new blog recently your probably wondering what’s the purpose of it, what is she doing, and where is she going with it. I created Setting The Example as a way to document my life and how I am trying to make daily steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The same steps I constantly teach my patients about and the ones that are not always easy to take on a daily basis.

On that note I have a confession……. Over the last year during my last semesters of graduate school I sort of fell off the wagon when it comes to diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. I used balancing work and my graduate studies as a crutch and excuse for why I wasn’t working out as much and would grab chips/cookies to eat instead of healthier options such as fruits and veggies.

Because of those backwards steps I have gained weight, lost exercise abilities, and to be honest some of my self-esteem and confidence. Now that I’ve graduated and obtained my Family Nurse Practitioner licensure I have no excuses. I take my job seriously and feel that if I’m going to be counseling patients everyday about living healthier lifestyles with daily exercise and healthy¬†eating then I better be doing it as well. As I’ve stated this before, it’s easier said than done.

So to make a long story short, part of this blog is to document this journey of change as a way to keep me accountable, to join a community of bloggers who have similar views as I do about healthy living, and to give/receive encouragement from others. So check out my weight-loss page where I am keeping track of progress with weekly thoughts.


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