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Rainy Tuesday

Posted by fsumeg1884 on June 19, 2013

Call me crazy but I actually enjoy running in the run. There are times I may not willingly set out for a run when it’s already raining but if it happens to start during a run I embrace it. This morning I had an easy 4 miler scheduled. It had rained last night and remained overcast this morning when I set out for my run. About 2 miles into the run it started misting and eventually proceeded to a heavier rain by the time I reached my doorstep. I enjoyed every minute of it and so did Lexie! Call it corny but I always feel refreshed and cleansed after a run in the rain.

After my run I made a smoothie for some quick easy to digest nutrition since my run was on an empty tank before breakfast.

smoothies 2

Sorry for the recycled photo =( I was starving and in a hurry to make breakfast.

My day was unfortunately filled with paperwork, copying, and faxing documents related to my current Nurse Practitioner license and maintaining my Registered Nursing licenses in Georgia and Florida. There really is so much to remember and so much money to be paid in order to maintain them. I feel more in control of it all since I got a lot accomplished today.

nighttime snack

Currently enjoying these treats as I finish some work on the computer before heading to bed. I have a 12 hour shift of work tomorrow so I better get to bed early tonight.


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