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Changing The Routine

Posted by fsumeg1884 on June 20, 2013

Yesterday was another 12-hour shift at the hospital for me and it flew by pretty quickly. Lunch and dinner at work were same and filled with some of my favorites.

June 20th 2

Turkey and cheese sandwich with spinach and mustard on whole wheat bread with a side of ranch soy chips and Ranier cherries. Notice the orange bag sneaking in the picture in the upper right corner? More on that to come…..

Usually around 3-4pm I sometimes hit an afternoon slump at work. This mostly happens because this is usually when I can finally find the time to sit down and chart. Once I sit down the tiredness sets in and then while I’m charting I usually want something to munch on.

June 20th 3

When the munchies hit I have gotten into a routine of heading over to this little secret tucked in a corner at work. But yesterday I vowed not to continue with my usual ways and ate a Zone protein bar with an apple. Meghan 1:Vending Machine 0

I find that the better I plan my meals for work and complete prep work before then the better I eat while there. One of the more difficult parts about losing weight  for myself and patients I talk to is making yourself step out of the routine your use to because it takes more effort and thought process to do so. I’m trying to learn to be more present in the moment and be cognisance of what I’m doing and what goes in my mouth then just mindless grabbing of something to eat.

June 20th 5

On a random note, last night as I was headed home from work I went to grab my bags and noticed all the Auburn surrounding me. Yes, those bags are mine but did I attend Auburn? No. My boyfriend did while I was born and raised a Florida State Seminole. Once I noticed the bags I just sat there a minute and chuckled about how he has slowly inched Auburn stuff into my life over the last 2 years. Anyone else have a similar situation?

Today was all about Lexie. She had an appointment at the vet’s office for some follow-up blood work after completing an antibiotic treatment. At first she was totally stoked about going for a ride in the car. This and going for a run with me are her two favorite activities. Once we got to door at the vet’s it hit her and she was like “Oh Crap!”

June 20th

As we waited to be called back all she wanted to do was sit by me with this tense look on her face. After the vet we got home and I decided it was BATH TIME! Unlike some dogs, Lexie does not enjoy her bath and tries to run away. Needless to say next time I will wait until Nathan is home and able to help me.


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