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Happiness to Screaming

Posted by fsumeg1884 on June 27, 2013

Yesterday started out like any other ordinary day off. I got up, walked Lexie, ate breakfast then headed to the gym for some elliptical and weight exercises. Then this happened……….

June 27th

As part of my graduation gift from my parents was a 1-hour facial and eyebrow waxing at this lovely place. Finally a month later I had the time to actually redeem the gift certificate. I have been a patron of Spa Sydell for over 6 years and I’ve only every used one person there, my girl Gina. Normal I get the fast 30 minute facial with a waxing but today was an extra special treat. Gina always treats me right. I was so relaxed during the middle of it that I actually fell asleep!! If you live in Atlanta, Gina at the Park Place location is awesome!

After my glorious afternoon at the spa I headed home for a quick shower and change before heading out for a little date night with the boy. We are currently looking to move a little more north of the city and made plans to head up to historic Roswell for some dinner as well as real estate research. As of right now we are on the fence about buying a house so we are looking at both rentals and for sale properties.

Salt factory

On the way up to Roswell (Atlanta traffic stinks!) I researched dinner options and found this place that was located in the heart of historic Roswell.

Salt factory 2

I really really loved the brick on the inside, definitely went with the historic vibe of the area. I will say some of the tables were really close together. I basically heard the entire conversation of the 2 girls next to us who were drinking martinis. We started out with drinks, calamari and eggs rolls and while both were delicious I preferred the calamari. Nathan, who is totally a burger guy, got a burger that was topped with cheese, fried egg, and bacon. Needless to say he was in heaven. I got the vegetarian burger that was decent but I probably wouldn’t order it again. Next time I plan to get a pizza.

historic roswell

After dinner we drove around Roswell looking at houses then headed over to a friend’s house in Marietta for some home-brew tastings. All were very good and I think I overheard the boys discussing possible expansion and business plans. Oh boy!

Because of our unexpected late bedtime last night (1am to be exact) my early morning run got pushed back a good bit. Even before the run started I was already not loving it. I knew it would be hot and I was tired from the late night we had. I started the run kicking and screaming and to be honest hated every minute of it. Maybe I was just mad at myself that I didn’t just suck it up and got up early to avoid the heat.

June 27th 2

Even though my mind was into the run apparently my body was because I knocked about 15 sec per mile off my previous time. Maybe a fluke but I’ll still take it!


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