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I’m Back!

Posted by fsumeg1884 on April 7, 2016

Wow! It’s been a long long time since I have been here. Yet here I am. So much has changed since I last spoke in this place.  Life is good and busy as ever yet I find myself wanting a place and community to speak, share, and encourage others. I’m hoping over time to make this space/blog that such place. So here goes nothing!

Let’s first start with updates shall we.


After I graduated from graduate school I took my boards about a month later and officially became a family nurse practitioner. I worked for a few months as a registered nurse while looking for NP jobs. I was very lucky to get hired quickly by a anesthesiology group that is amazing and I absolutely love working for. I always hated working 3-12 hour shifts as a floor nurse and with my job as a nurse practitioner I am mainly working Monday-Friday. I love it! It was an adjustment at first especially switching my workout routine to after work but I eventually found my groove and after 2 1/2 years I still love this type of schedule and my job.

Speaking of my job, as a family nurse practitioner for this anesthesiology group my responsibilities are varied throughout the day. A lot of my day involves prepping and optimizing patients for surgery from a anesthesia standpoint. With that, I am able counsel patients on how best we can optimize them for surgery in hopes to decrease their risk for negative outcomes. When I first took this job I was worried I would get too specialize but this aspect of my job allows me to use my knowledge for multiple systems throughout the body. Another part of my day includes doing post-op rounds for our anesthesia group seeing various types of patients throughout the hospital. We also have multiple pain/spine clinics that help treat chronic pain in different types of patients but the most rewarding ones are those dealing with chronic pain associated with some sort of malignancy.

Moving on to some personal updates:

I got MARRIED!  Nathan proposed in the fall of 2013 in front of Samford Hall at Auburn University. We had a bunch of family and friends in town to tailgate for the Auburn vs Georgia game and I think everyone knew about the impending proposal but me. I was so shocked that I had to sit down and started to hyperventilate. True Story. It was so special because my parents were able to be there and watch the whole thing go down. Afterwards, we already had everyone there to celebrate with us.


Our wedding was a small wedding in Central Park in NYC in October 2014. Our first trip together as a couple was to New York City and it’s a trip we still talk about even 5 years later. We always said we wanted our life together to be an adventure so what better way to kick it off with a bang in NYC with all our close friends and family.



Because of work complications we had to take a delayed honeymoon that following summer but it was worth the wait. We ended up going to Sweden (Nathan’s homeland) and London. We had plans to go to Paris as well but did not make it for reasons out of our control which I will go into in later post. On to the next big update…….


I’M PREGNANT! Last fall my husband and I decided there was no perfect time to have a baby and lets be honest I’m not getting any younger so we took the leap into parenthood and we have a baby girl on the way. Her due date is currently June 30, 2016 and momma is hoping she doesn’t decide to wait until July. My husband has joked about taking a loan out to pay for the AC bill this summer =) We are currently working to get the nursery together and it’s times like this that I am grateful for Pinterest and Etsy. My goal for the nursery and baby products are to keep them neutral if possible so they can be used again for a 2nd baby if we happen to have a boy the next time around. But don’t be mistaken, her clothes are all girl, just ask my mother. I think she already has an entire closet full of clothes for her but won’t admit it.

Since we last chatted my husband and I bought a house out in the suburbs of Atlanta. We bought the house knowing it would be somewhat of a fixer upper but at times I fee like we bit off more than we can chew. It’s been 2 1/2 years since we bought it and we have done a complete overhaul and mostly ourselves. I hope to do a post soon with some before and after pictures. While I love the house and knew it was meant for us the moment  I saw it, we have already started to out grow it. We have talked about moving towards Lake Lanier and getting a bigger house with more land as well as completely leaving Atlanta all together. Right now we are just focusing on baby girl’s impending arrival and maintaining as much stability everywhere else in our lives.

Updates in regards to diet and exercise are not as exciting as the previous updates. I was working out pretty regularly when I found out of was pregnant last fall but soon after I found out I lost all energy and will to exercise. It was such a shock and surprise to me. I felt part of myself wanting to get out there for a run or hit the gym for a good sweat fest but never seem to get the energy to put my shoes on and walk out the door. I felt very defeated and depressed about it. I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and not involved in any sort of exercise regime at this point. My goal everyday is to get steps in (10,000 is my goal) and move when I can but take breaks. My job at the hospital has me walking and on my feet most of the day. I average about 4 miles a day at work. We have bought one the BOB jogging strollers in preparation for me getting back on the road logging miles more consistently after baby girl gets here. My diet is always a work in progress and just like my exercise has been lack luster since I became pregnant. There are days I crave for fruit and salads while others all I want are pizza and ice cream. I am hoping that after her arrival my desire to veer back towards my more typical eating habits will occur.

Wow this is most definitely the longest post I have ever written but I think I have hit the biggest updates in my life since we last chatted. I hope continue to write more and let you know more about me and my daily adventures of wife, motherhood, full-time work while trying to balance a healthy lifestyle.


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