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Run Gone Wrong

Posted by fsumeg1884 on February 3, 2013

Hi Everyone! Sorry for being MIA for a few weeks but the craziness of new semester at school was all-consuming. I was able to get assigned to 2 clinical sites both of which are very different but I love both of them and the experiences I am getting. I officially gave my apartment my 60 day move out notice and I am currently/slowly packing up my place so I can move in with Nathan, GASP! He lives more closer to downtown Atlanta in an area that has a vibe more closer to my style. SO EXCITED!

The past few weeks running wise have been good and bad. I haven’t been able to put in as many miles as I had hoped for but still happy to be keeping a solid running base while slowly getting faster. Quality not quantity is the key!

As far a quality for this mornings run, it was nowhere to be found. I’ll be the first to admit it that everything about my run today, stunk! Lexie and I headed to a local park that we have been to several time and we both seemed excited when we first got there but for whatever reason neither of us could find our grove. My legs felt like lead and my breathing seemed more labored than usual. I had 5ish miles planned this morning but I was ready to quick after 1.5 but alas I kept saying, “just a little bit more” and eventually we knocked out those 5ish miles.

Looking back I can see how I forgot to factor in a lot of variables that contributed to the less than stellar run this morning: cold and windy weather in the 30’s and I had forgotten my 50 and below running pants, lack of sleep the past 2 nights, and speedwork yesterday with weights. Though it was a tough, almost miserable run, I am glad I got out there because in the end I did my body good.

Random but I wanted to share a few of my current food finds and/or obsessions.

kettle chipsWhen Nate and I first started dating he introduced me to Kettle Brand chips and I was immediatley hooked, namely to the Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper flavor. I stumbled onto these new flavors the other day while in Whole Foods  and I have got to say they are pretty awesome. My current favorite is the Jalapeno Jack.


I know I’m a little late jumping on the Kombucha band wagon but here I am now saying how much I love it, especially the Multi-Green.

ben and jerrys cluster

If you are any sort of a peanut butter lover like I am then march yourself over right now to the nearest grocery store and buy this, you will not regret it. Absolute Heaven!


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