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Run Gone Wrong

Posted by fsumeg1884 on February 3, 2013

Hi Everyone! Sorry for being MIA for a few weeks but the craziness of new semester at school was all-consuming. I was able to get assigned to 2 clinical sites both of which are very different but I love both of them and the experiences I am getting. I officially gave my apartment my 60 day move out notice and I am currently/slowly packing up my place so I can move in with Nathan, GASP! He lives more closer to downtown Atlanta in an area that has a vibe more closer to my style. SO EXCITED!

The past few weeks running wise have been good and bad. I haven’t been able to put in as many miles as I had hoped for but still happy to be keeping a solid running base while slowly getting faster. Quality not quantity is the key!

As far a quality for this mornings run, it was nowhere to be found. I’ll be the first to admit it that everything about my run today, stunk! Lexie and I headed to a local park that we have been to several time and we both seemed excited when we first got there but for whatever reason neither of us could find our grove. My legs felt like lead and my breathing seemed more labored than usual. I had 5ish miles planned this morning but I was ready to quick after 1.5 but alas I kept saying, “just a little bit more” and eventually we knocked out those 5ish miles.

Looking back I can see how I forgot to factor in a lot of variables that contributed to the less than stellar run this morning: cold and windy weather in the 30’s and I had forgotten my 50 and below running pants, lack of sleep the past 2 nights, and speedwork yesterday with weights. Though it was a tough, almost miserable run, I am glad I got out there because in the end I did my body good.

Random but I wanted to share a few of my current food finds and/or obsessions.

kettle chipsWhen Nate and I first started dating he introduced me to Kettle Brand chips and I was immediatley hooked, namely to the Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper flavor. I stumbled onto these new flavors the other day while in Whole Foods  and I have got to say they are pretty awesome. My current favorite is the Jalapeno Jack.


I know I’m a little late jumping on the Kombucha band wagon but here I am now saying how much I love it, especially the Multi-Green.

ben and jerrys cluster

If you are any sort of a peanut butter lover like I am then march yourself over right now to the nearest grocery store and buy this, you will not regret it. Absolute Heaven!


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Christmas Spirit

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 23, 2012

Happy Sunday everyone! I slept amazingly last night. Of course, I would hope that I did since my bedtime the night before was 2:30am. Whoops!

Lexie is a notoriously fast eater. I will put her food down in some tupperware and by the time I turn around back to her, she has already whoofed it food down. The other day Nate (Nathan) bought a new bowl that is designed to slow down a dogs eating session.

Lexie food

Above is from the first attempt this morning. At first she was a little unsure of the bowl since it’s made of metal. Because of course, all metal bowls are super dangerous, scary, and out to get you…….Like I said, she is a special kind of dog. She eventually started eating her food and while it did slow her down there wasn’t a huge dramatic change. Even so, I have decided to keep using it.

After breakfast I headed to the gym for some much needed cross-training time. I did 60 minutes of moderate effort on the elliptical while skimming a Redbook magazine my mom gave me. Once I finished there I headed downstairs to do some resistance training. After the gym I was craving something cold so I whipped up a protein smoothie.

smoothies 2

As with most of my smoothies, it contained the usual suspects. I have tried many different protein powders and I always keep coming back to Jay Robb. Since this is usually the time of year I get sick, I have been rotating the Amazing Grass powder into my diet more in hopes for some immune boosting. So far so good!

After lunch and shower I proceeding to begin my biggest task of the day, Operation Shredding. I am very guilty of keeping receipts and past bill notices for was too long. I have a box I throw them into but eventually the pile gets too high and I am forced to shred it all. I really didn’t think there were that many papers but after I got THREE garbage bags full of shredded paper I realized that maybe I should do this more often than not…….

Nate and I are not going home for Christmas this year (tears shedding) because we both have to work at our respective hospitals. I decided to have quick baking session this afternoon to put myself into the Christmas spirits. I gathered all my ingredients and put Pandora’s Christmas station on and got to work.

Yes they are from a box

Yes they are from a box

I decided to make 2 different batches of brownies for a taste test. The contenders shown above are 2 of my favorite dessert flavors. Give me either of them and I am yours forever =) Obviously they were very simple to make and in about 60 minutes I had 2 batches of brownies for Nate and I to take to work on Christmas.

Fresh and Hot

Fresh and Hot

Above is the first batch I made, the peanut butter, which I have a feeling is going to be my favorite. Once the second batch, the health bar, is cooled I am going to dig into these babies. Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday with family and safe travels!

Merry Christmas Everyone!




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Meet and Greet 1

Posted by fsumeg1884 on December 16, 2012

As the blog progresses on and hopefully grows I plan to publish a few posts about some of the important people and animals in my life. First up Lexie!

Alexis Jane aka Lexie, came into my life about 15 months ago and it’s never been the same since. Lexie was originally a foster dog who belonged to my co-worker Anna but after she and her husband had a baby they could no longer give Lexie the time and energy that she needed. So after much discussion we decided that it would better for her to come live with me. I cannot believe I ever questioned taking her in.

Lexie’s birthdate is unknown but we have estimations that she is about 6 years old and is a mix of Chow, Basenji, and a little bit of CRAZY!

Lexie Quick Facts

  • Even though she weighs almost 50lbs she loves to pretend she is a lap dog
  • Her favorite food is peanut butter
  • I swear she can read time because she never lets me sleep past 8am
  • Hates: Umbrella’s, garbage bags, washer/dryer machines
  • Loves: chasing squirrels, running with mom, getting her butt scratched

As soon as I can figure out how to upload a video I will show you all some crazy cute antics of her.




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